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Used and in good condition Vintage "A Question of Scruples" by Milton Bradley 1986 Edition. No missing pieces.  An adult conversation game for 3 or more players.  Great game for laughs!


"Yes! No! Depends! What would you do? How would your friends react? Would you glance at your mate's personal address book? Would you pose nude in a national magazine for $10,000? Would you admit to your children that you smoked marijuana in the past? 


These are just some of the provocative dilemmas you'll encounter in A Question of Scruples. A unique adult conversation game that dares you to do some honest soul-searching to reveal yourself. Or to do some clever character-assessing of your friends psyches to determine their replies. 


Sometimes you'll answer truthfully. Other times you'll anticipate the most likely response and shrewdly give an opposite reply. Most often, you'll be challenged to convince the group of your reply. A jury vote determines your sincerity. 


Would you sue for palimony? Would you fight a war you consider unjust? Would you use sex appeal to get ahead in your career? Would you allow your 15-year old daughter to take birth control pills? Experience A Question of Scruples and find out! 


It's a game of surprising reactions, honest revelations and entertaining untruths. Play it when you feel a little scrupulous...or better yet, play it when you feel a lot unscrupulous!" 

Vintage A Question of Scruples by Milton Bradley 1986 Edition

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